2015.07.16 – 2015.08.10


BETWEEN Art Lab is pleased to announce that Sun Wenguan: 11 Signs will be opened on July 16, 2015, and the vernissage is scheduled at 4 pm of the same day. Artist Sun Wenguan was born in the 80s, and he graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. He is dedicated to the exploration on the subject of painting.

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His paintings emphasize the image. The 11 signs represent the multiple possibilities of one trace and image. The artist paints the most plain and original state of images chiseled by metals in a repetitive, constraining and sensuous manner, such as the walls of grottoes, trees, brains, food, volcanoes, stones and the ground. His paintings grasp an approachable serenity and existence through strong intuition. As the newest force of China’s contemporary young artists, Sun has found a balancing point between the Western abstraction and the Oriental image; in the unique passionate and exciting social existence way in contemporary China, Sun’s serenity has become a silent defiance and surpassed the delivery of paintings. As far as the painting itself is concerned, Sun describes the original state in a formless manner in image building; the specific image is dissolved and returned to its original state, one between life and death. Based on respect and sense for images, we can feel these static pictures are generating the energy of growth and change.

We can see the dusts on the ground, traces of grottoes and texture of organs in Sun’s works, and between stone and flesh, see the hidden “humble deities”. The subtleties and parts of things represent a dissolved visual system, where countless independent sensual worlds exist, a pry into eternity. “Humble” represents the judgment of the realistic social value system: our grand, narrative and battle song-style social transmission system has been invaded; the sense of “humble” existence has become a precious sensory awareness; we must return to this point to see the sincerity and glory of materials, a pure composition of the world. This will naturally remind us of deities; or maybe we should separate ourselves from the religious system to consider deities; this is an original driving force among original and precursory things. Stone and soil represent an inclusive force, the most sincere part of matters. Traces, like flesh, put life and death, existence and emptiness between time and space; the nature of things dissolves human beings’ extra, uncertain and wavering emotions in great inclusiveness, leaving the original hue of stone and flesh, the static moment of life and death. (YAN YUTING)