Dark Utopia 2

This is a piece of works done according to my poem written in early 2014 (the following is the content). Letting every sentence of the poem burn at night at someplace outside the Fifth Ring Expressway, including the crossroads, the entrance to the village, the dam, the end of the roads, the demolition ruins, and the uninhabited villages…The poem is filled with plaint, depression, and hopelessness, burning at the places outside the Fifth Ring Expressway where the migrant workers live, the so-called antizens agglomeration area. In the daytime, the places are so noisy with tumultuous crowds in a harsh, dirty restaurants, inferior buildings, and frequent crimes. When Beijing, the great city, is expanding itself, this is a corner that might be easily forgotten. There are always many trucks carrying sandy soil and cement coming and going, for everything there is in a temporary and rough and mobile state, waiting for demolition at any time.

The plaintive sentences are burnt in the fire, of some romance. However, the fire has the power to transform things: it burns the old things, but along with the burning, the seriousness and solemnity of the images and sounds of the poem are sublimated. In the darkness, these burnt sentences are not only whoops of one after another, but also the numerous sparks that have been devoured by the big city. They remind us of the A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire, the works of great men.(writen by Deng Dafei)