Born in 1976, graduated from Department of Comprehensive Art, China Academy of Art, in 2005 with a Master’s degree. He is currently living and working in Beijing as an independent artist.

Dafei’s early works focus on video art based on physical performance, highlighting the accidental instants of liberation that are triggered where individual living circumstances and public environments and ideologies collide. His works at different stages highlight personal artistic performances of successive and serial statuses in a public field, such as Spaceman of Shenzhou 19 and Invincible Sword. As he moved to Beijing later on and underwent some changes in his living circumstances, he has gradually shifted his attention from inner spiritual experiences to outer environment, human geography and other visual cultural domains, and the core of cultural studies as well as intellectual foundation has become the major background of his works. Artistic creation not only amplifies his personal attitude but also outlines documentations that bear an investigative overtone, and his artistic practices starts to experiment on curating group exhibitions, such as the theme exhibition of the 2010 Beijing 798 Art Festival, of which the independent and radical artistic expression inclined to critical social mobilisation.

In recently year, Dafei initiated the Utopian Group with He Hai, and its practical methodology is comprised of a string of artist-in-residence programmes. Utopia is the reference standard of idealisation, and its spiritual essence of perfection forms a mirror that reflects realities per se, which is the origin of criticism on realities and the genesis of artistic creation. Hence Utopia is not picture of perfection that art pursues; it merely provides a reference attitude towards realities.


Solo Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions

Touch the Bottom , Karlsruhe, Germany
Retournement Transformation,Liusa Wang Gallery, Paris, France

All About Feints (Cooperation between Utopian Group and an artist Hai He) ,Between Art Lab, Beijing, China
Born From Fire (Cooperation between Utopian Group and an artist Hai He) ,Baima Contemporary Art Center, Hangzhou, China
Curbstone Jewels and Cobblestones , Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
Break Out , Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taide International Art Habor, Beijing
Artviele , Hamburg, Germany
Cultural Dimension-Opening Yinchuan Moca , Yin Chuan China
The Journey from the East (Cooperation between Utopian Group and an artist Hai He) USA
Asia Scene, Asia Scene Contemporary Art Organization, Beijing

Gains and Losses-Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition by UN for Eliminating Violence, against Women and Children,Beijing
Secret Sign , Hamburg, Germany
DIE 8 DER WEGE (Cooperation between Utopia Group and an artist He Hai) Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany

North Korea International Micro-film Festival (Cooperation between Utopian Group and an artist, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Hehai), Chengdu
IIndividual Growth-Moment of Contemporary Art , Tian Jin Art Museum
Fuck Off 2 (Cooperation between Utopian Group and an artist Hai He) Groninger Museum, Holland
ChineseContemporaryArt Exhibition of Document—Contemporary Art & Social Process curated by Du Xiyun

The 9th Busan International Video Art Festival, Busan Art Museum, South Korea
Trudge—Utopian Geography in cooperation with artist He Hai, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Encloser, Asia Art Triennial in cooperation with artist He Hai ,Manchester, UK

Pazzle Palace at the invitation of Scotland art institution Dever Art in cooperation with artist He Hai, UK

Open Academy, Art Education project Sponsorship of Prince Claude Foundation Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Two Ends—2008 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Palazzo Frisacco Tolmezzo, Italy
Family Museum Project in cooperation with artist He Hai, Shanghai Zhengda Museum, Shanghai

Interaction at 2007 Yokohama New Media Art Image Festival, Yokohama, Japan

The Second Shanghai Doren Youth Fine Arts Exhibition, Shanghai
Seeing Happiness—2006 International Hangzhou Case of Contemporary Art Exhibition Commonplace, Hangzhou
Circumstances Artists’ Photographic Works and Documentary Show of Ireland and China Commonplace, Hangzhou

Capital of European Culture Cork, Ireland
Rule Possibility, Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou
Let An Idea Be Seen, Museum of Modern Art, Hangzhou
Two-way Reading photographic exhibition, Direction Gallery, Hangzhou
Perceive Heart with Body—Chinese Performance Art Document Exhibition, Macao
First Exhibition (Cooperate with artist Daxiang)Long March Space, Beijing
Turkey’s Video Festival, X Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Follow Me at Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Experience and Perception at the First New Media Arts Festival of Beijing Film Academy, Beijing
Transparent Box, SOHO Modern City, Beijing

Maze at 2004 China New Media Arts Festival China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
Concrete, 411 Gallery, Hangzhou
Formatting, NO31 Art Exhibition Space, Hangzhou
Rain to Sunshine, Mount. Baochu , Hangzhou

Installation Exhibition, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
Travel on August 8, Dayu Cemetery, Shaoxing
June 1 Just Begins, Hupao Temple, Hangzhou


Escape Art Plan,Yes Gallery beijing

Trudge—Utopian Geography
Speech—Free Discourse of Artists Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Legge’s Memory of Pazzle Palace
Contemporary Art as Universal Education in 798 Art Festival Theme Exhibition in cooperation with He Hai, Beijing

Look Deep Platform China, Beijing

Family Museum Project
Reading Site

Seeing Happiness when Opening the Door—2006 International Hangzhou Case of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wuxi Itinerant Exhibition Beicangmen Art Centre, Wuxi

Two-way Reading

Rain to Sunshine

Published or Recorded

Published or Recorded

《Jiangsu Art Monthly》 – Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
《Transparent Box》 – curator Feng Boyi
《FOLLOW ME》 – Mori Museum
《House of Migrator—From Comprehensive Painting to Experimental Art Teaching in Ten Years》 – The China Academy of Art Press
《OBSESSION》 – Turkey’s Video Festival

Award and Collection

Published or Recorded

Spaceman of Shenzhou 19 attended the First New Media Arts Festival of Beijing Film Academy, and won VIDEO award

Invincible Sword won the Bronze Award at Yokohama New Media Art Image Festival

Injury won the Finalist Award at Yokohama New Media Art Image Festival

North Korea International Micro-film Festival Project was awarded the Third Prize at the inaugural Circle Art Youth Award

Seeing Happiness (curation) was listed in 2006 Best Exhibition

Series photo works of Family Museum Project was collected by Zhengda Museum

Far and Near Observation of Treasure was collected by Huntley City Museum, UK

Black Utopia II was collected by Uli Sigg, Switzerland

North Korea International Micro-film Festival Project was collected by Daimler Art Collection, Berlin, Germany