Virtual City – 1,200x265cm,2009
Virtual City – 2
Virtual City – 3

Solo Exhibitions

“B Grade Painting”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Virtual City, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai,China

City of Mirror, Other Gallery , Shanghai,China

Inhale in the Forest, ANDREAS BINDERGallery, Munich, Germany

The Podosoma Scorched, 55Gallery,Shanghai,China

Idiosoma2003, CATHAYGallery, Paris, France

Variation2002, Wuxing Gallery, Shanghai, China

Variation2002, Artist Commune of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Art Works Exhibition of Jin Yangping, The China Academy of Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

Group Exhibitions

In-Between Painting , BETWEEN ART LAB, Shanghai >
Stop Making Sence-2015 Art in the City, chi K11 art museum, Shanghai >

Image-Reconstruction, Casares Museum, Italy >

Basel Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China

Basel Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China

THE MOMENT, WE AWE, Hakgojae Gallery,Seoul

Xinjiang Biennale, Xinjiang Art Center, Urumqi, China

A Very Beautiful Place, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China
Singapore International Contemporary Art Exhibition, International Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

The Modernity of Shanghai, Kadoma Gallery, Sapporo, Japan
“Link”, Ming Yuan Culture and Art Center, Shanghai, China
“Midnight”, Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
Realistic Pavilion, Other Gallery, Shanghai,China
Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

Other Channel Media Show, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China
Fan, Yanchao Gallery, Shanghai, China
The Moving Community, the 798 Beijing Biennale, 798 Theme Pavilion, Beijing, China
Other Factors, Other Gallery, Beijing, China

Electronic Media Art Exhibition, Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
“Approaching”, Black Bridge Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Shanghai Academic Culture, Xinbo Gallery, Shanghai, China
Twelve Beat, 55 Gallery,Shanghai,China
Levitating in the Air, and Floating on the Surface, 798 Linda Art Center, Beijing, China
“Black Bridge 08 Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Black Bridge Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Insight —— The First Painting Biennial Exhibition, The Gallery of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China
Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bartha&Senaclens Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
Pseudohero Time, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
乐。 Happiness Sharing —— Public Art Creation and Research Exhibition of China Academy of Art, Japan-China Friendship Center, Tokyo, Japan
ART.DC —— The New Art from China, Convention Center of Washington, Washington, US
Beijing Art, Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
Reborn —— Salvation from Traditional and Revolutional Language, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China.
Weihai Road 696 —— Shanghai Contemporary Art Status, Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
From 218 to M50, Xianghai Gallery, Shanghai, China
Pulse, 69th Regiment Armory, New York, US

218 Hangzhou Direction —— Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Direction Art Center, Hangzhou, China
Touching —— 2006 Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
Explore & Find —— The Chinese Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, National Museum of Philippines, Philippines, Manila, Philippines
State and Returning —— Modern Painting Invitational Exhibition, Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai, China
The Eighteen Rangers —— Contemporary Art Exhibition, 55 gallery, Shanghai, China
Scope London, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Meat, Toilet, Disappear, CUM Contemporary Art Exhibition, 55 Gallery, Shanghai, China
Academy, Mutation —— Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, World Trade Plaza, Shanghai, China
Open Space —— Fengshan Art Space Opening Shaw, Fengshan Art Space, Hangzhou, China

Chinese New Vision Exhibition of Young Artists, CITIC Square, Shanghai, China
Overlapping —— Zhejiang&Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China
Sino-Japan International Modern Art Exhibition, West Lake Museum, Hangzhou, China

Creavity and Ink, Group Exhibition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Artists, Artist Commune of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Contemporary Chinese Figurative Expressionism Exhibition, Impression Gallery, Hangzhou, China

Macao’s Return to China Art Exhibition, Macao Art Museum, Macao, China

Towards the New Century —— Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing, China

Luo Zhongli Scholarship of Painting, The Holders’ Works Exhibition of 1996, China Art Museum, Beijing, China



PhD. of The China Academy of Art in oil painting.
Now teach in the Fourth Studio of Oil Painting Department in the China Academy of Art.
A contemporary artist, who currently lives and works in Shanghai.

With his virtuoso use of alternating thin layers and thick impasto and a ingenious play of fore and background Jin manages to construct a complex image that requires an intensive and repeating investigation. In some of his paintings he combines painting with photographic material to stress that the imagery is partly distracted from photographic of digital media. The sheer joy of painting reveals itself as well in the decorative motifs that are regularly introduced. Particuliarly in the landscape paintings or the series that he called Forest of Olfaction Jin demonstrates that a modern painter is not required to a strict following of a motive, but that the structuring of colors, brushstrokes and layers can be independent of an image and can ultimately lead to more abstract compositions. By using a more experimental and less predicteble way of painting he explores the limits of realistic painting where the motive still seems to dominate over the formal elements of painting itself. In this way Jin is as well continuing a tradition that is developed and set by great Chinese masters, but also by a western tradition of painters like Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso and Baselitz.

Maarten Bertheux