2014.12.20 – 2015.01.10


BETWEEN ART LAB 此次将与艺术家刘超合作“ 2014年12月20日,我们创建了刘超空间”。就此在次期间内,“刘超空间”作为一个独立的空间,介于存在与非存在之间。BETWEEN ART LAB在2014年12月20日-2014年1月10日期间,将完全消除自我的空间身份,转化成此次计划的平台介质。

Note: 37.8 art lab mergers with Shanghai between art lab on january 1,2015, and unified named “BETWEEN ART LAB”

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2014 . 12 . 20 : WE FOUND LIU CHAO SPACE

“LIU CHAO SPACE” is not an art space or any spatial relationship among planes. Instead, it converts exhibition into a comprehensive concept about “space”. In this sense, it has multi-layer of meanings. The spatial system that we live is an existence defined and restricted by our cognition. But beyond that, how we break the definition will become a way to open the future. This exhibition can be interpreted in three levels: first, LIU Chao constructs various visual spatial systems on the two-dimensional canvas; secondly, a new visual system is generated in the real three-dimensional space; and lastly, the exhibition further explores the possibility for a new idea of space in an unknown imaginary dimension that is constructed by artist’s concept.

Liu Chao Space is constructed in painting and mind. As a young artist born in the 1980s, Liu Chao was graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, in the system of which, painting is a very important part. In the learning process, Liu Chao has gradually established his own art language and formed the possibility of a variety of spaces in the spatial and plane dimensions. The exhibition will show us Liu Chao’s train of thought for creation and direction of experiment and exploration in the vivacious phase.