Deviation NO.4 偏离NO.4, 165 x 149 cm, 2012
Mountain 远山, 80 x 100 cm, 2012
Green Skirt 绿裙子, 150 x 200 cm, 2014

Group Exhibitions

In-Between Painting , BETWEEN ART LAB, Shanghai >
Image-Reconstruction, Casares Museum, Italy >

Re-Indexing Things,BETWEEN ART LAB,Beijing
Goodbye, youth, C5 Gallery, Beijing
Make progress every day: The teacher nomination exhibition in 2014, Zhu Zhong Museum
BolognaFiere SH Contemporary, Shanghai, China
ART AISA 2014, Shanghai, China

“On the road” young artists exhibition,highland Gallery,Shenyang,China

Northern impression,Hehui art gallery,Shanghai
China’s future – HIHEY.COM emerging artists plan,today art museum,Beijing,China
Power of youth – northeast contemporary oil painting, HeShi art gallery,Shenyang,China
Return to the visual,Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts,Shenyang,China

“Shouting the youth”,Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts,Shenyang,China
Declaration of independence – “Giant cup” of Contemporary Art Colleges Nomination Exhibition,today art museum, Beijing,China

Undergraduate graduation exhibition,Art Museum of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts,Shenyang,China
Fresh Eyes’2010,He Xiangning Art Museum,Shenzhen,China



1987 Born in Chengde, Hebei, China
2006 Studied at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, department of Oil Painting (Bachelor and Master degree of Fine Arts)
2010 Since then live and work in Beijing and Shenyang as artist

As a young artist born in the 1980s, Liu Chao was graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, in the system of which, painting is a very important part. In the learning process, Liu Chao has gradually established his own art language and formed the possibility of a variety of spaces in the spatial and plane dimensions. The exhibition will show us Liu Chao’s train of thought for creation and direction of experiment and exploration in the vivacious phase.

In Liu Chao’s works, we can see visual system of image formed in his painting, collage and the conversion of spatial dimension. In his works, the maintained awareness of “collage” is also the results of “discussion” of planarity painting. Through breaking the real space, the space consciousness turns from three dimensions to plane. Focus is no longer placed on the problems that should be considered in real scenes, e.g. light ray, ratio, perspective, etc., but on canvas, a plane two-dimensional space.

In addition, Liu Chao’s train of thought for creation extends beyond the canvas and a new visual system is formed by way of finished works and wall painting. In the process of being viewed, the visual re-combination of painting and space contributes the complete effects. Maybe, it is not accurate to conclude his works with visual illusion and his painting is more based on a discussion of spatiality. If we are stuck in a three-dimensional world, the existence of unobservable multidimensional space allows us to have infinite visual imagine, which is originated from the power of spirit and space of thinking. Liu Chao’s painting implies such a very strong consciousness, an expectation and imagine of a new world order and concept of universe.