Liu Ting

2017. 03. 18 – 2016. 04. 10

Between Art Lab, Beijing space, was honored to announce the Liu Ting Exhibition “snare LOOP” in March 18, 2017. Liu Ting, a post-90s artist, is currently working in New York. The exhibition will show Liu Ting’s latest works on the theme of “trap -LOOP”. The exhibition includes new media interaction, mechanical interaction devices, videos, photography and many other forms. The artist will set up the entire exhibition site as a self validating experimental field, and the audience will complete a self cycle of thought in this constantly moving trap. The exhibition will be opened at 4 p.m. on March 18, 2017. It will continue until April 10, 2017, and will be invited to visit.



The two words of trap and LOOP form the gap of thinking. Liu Ting set the exhibition site as a sports experimental field, and put the audience into a logical recurrent mental scene through the setting of works. The origin of the artist will be a video footage of the exhibition as a whole thinking, based on this short video works have been the deconstruction, translation and continuation, the audience is constantly being involved in visual and sensory artist set the “self” game, and through the release and interaction at the micro level is being carried out in Liu Ting the work continues to generate interactive self image. In the face of this image, it is hard to say that its self is dispelled in the virtual sense of the scene, or it is a re examination of the multiple possibilities of the endless self generated by the scene. There is a continuous switch between “being” and “nothingness” between movement and silence. In its circular logic, we see a way of observation provided by artists — the image of self is evolved into visual objects, and become the object that is constantly being decomposed and unfolded.

On the other hand, Liu Ting set the scene into a game of confusion and temptation through various forms of art and technology, which is both a set up lie and a critical point between known and unknown. It’s like a trap set by God’s perspective. In this trap, the overlooking perspective will be abstracted into an endless cycle, and all senses and meanings are all lost in this great cycle, and everything seems to be gone or lost. While the micro perspective has become a view of existentialism, emotion, perception, emotion is again aroused, delicate flow becomes meaningless in itself, to continue observation and speculation but, as the artist said: “‘feathers, navel’ in the film when this period, are in fact not. A feather fell from my skirt. It was strange in shape and wanted to do something with it. I looked at the navel and asked her: do you know the importance of the navel in Buddhism? The energy of the umbilical cord, and everything about the umbilical cord. I put my feathers on her navel and then slowly blew it away. I can only say that the moment I see is too beautiful and I am lucky to be lucky to record this image. Her rib and chest are connected with her abdomen with her breathing.

From the “trap” – “LOOP” meaning transformation, thinking path is positioned in different dimensions of the. Infinite loop in the path of the “meaning” blurred and ambiguous, perspective and positioning your decision to the content. Liu Ting selected by micro content origin, based on the “micro” to “zoom” and “conversion” to the infinite self, in the final of the new media interactive works, all the audience in the dynamic and static switch into existence – die process – an infinite loop, eventually forming experiment a self motion and observation.