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Northkorean Labyrinth

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Work Collection

North Korea International Microfilm Festival, initiated by “Utopia Group” (Deng Dafei + He Hai), a famous modern artistic group, begins to collect works.

Activity tenet:
In recent years, North Korea constantly creates various sensational news events, affecting nerves of international society and raising general global concerns. Action of North Korea government is an unimaginable anomaly in current international society. Universal values and international standards recognized by the world are worthless in the mind of North Korea government. From the view of international society, rulers of North Korea are like a film crew, presenting various dramatic plots to people every day, and also showing to the outer world that leader is the biggest director. The whole North Korea is like an absurd and grave joke. How people treat the joke? There is no meaning to consume North Korea and regard North Korea as a topic of conversation at their leisure. But if we discuss something serious with jokes, reflect on ourselves and even human’s common failing with North Korea jokes, these jokes may become something more powerful than serious preach. If it is true, microfilm may be an appropriate way of expression.

In recent years, due to development of new media technology, the Internet constantly emerge active, original and innovative microfilm works made by individuals or groups. Their free themes, clear viewpoints and flexible skills have become the tendency of mass look; most creators do not come from art majors, and have the property of amateurs, which also shows that microfilm is developing towards plebification. It is no longer the monopoly of film directors or artists, but becomes a weapon which can express thoughts of ordinary people like words.

North Korea International Microfilm Festival is intended to encourage Chinese netizens to employ simple and diversified means to express their opinions on social real issues more freely, collect, support and encourage visual art creation aimed at some specific issues, and collect people’s participating awareness and enthusiasm. Because the theme of this microfilm festival is very specific, we hope vast art-lovers would participate in the close social culture issue with multi-element, multi-means, simple and broad art creations.

Participation form:
1. Microfilm video (with a length no longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 2 seconds)
2. Micro-cartoon (with a length no longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 2 seconds)
3. Script story (no limitation on length; it would be best to draw shooting scripts)
4. MV (with a length no longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 2 seconds)

Participation requirement:
1. Participating works should contain at least one North Korea element, anything related to North Korea, like North Korea landscape, leaders and songs, no restriction on the relation degree.

2. Participating works should clearly express their creators’ values and attitudes towards anything related to North Korea.

3. No technological and professional restriction or requirement on image quality of microfilm videos; all participating works will be exhibited. We hope participators adopt formats which can be played in ordinary players when using video or audio formats. If it is a video or sound recording shot by cell phone, please regulate it to formats which can be played on computer.

4. We hope vast amateurs can participate actively.

5. Way of participating: directly send video, audio, script document, shooting script and picture document to: northkoreafilm@qq.com (indicate name and contact information of the creator), or @邓大非 (Deng Dafei), @何海的乌托邦 (Hehai’s Utopia) in Sina microblog , or call the hotline: 0086 138xxxx787

Awards setting:
To commend the enthusiasm of devoted competitors in the microfilm festival, we set some exquisite awards!

 5 big awards, with each 1000 Yuan and an award certificate, including:

    • 1 Best Microfilm Award
    • 2 Best Performance Award
    • 3 Best Creativity Award
    • 4 Best Script Award
    • 5 Best MV Award

20 Finalist Award with an award certificate

No limitation on number of Encouragement Award, with an award certificate


For the majority of Chinese, they know about North Korea through the media, because it has been secluding itself from the outside world for a half century during which it adopted centralized rule and obscurantism as we did in Mao Zedong era. In addition to reporting the miserable experience of the people who has escaped from North Korea as well as their complaints about poor life, most pictures and reports about North Korea in the network are about the work and life of the ruling family, presenting a situation in which all is right with the world…….

North Korea is actually a lashing sarcasm about the practice of modern politics.

Based on North Korea, this program will explore people’s mental predicament under powerful ideology, for example their superstition after being brainwashed, mind resistance and self-deprecation facing with powerful system.

North Korea International Micro Film Festival includes two parts. The first part is about online video & shooting script works collected around the world. The second part includes ten works of related subjects filmed by the Utopia group for the Festival (also including ten self-made woodcut posters, self-made bronze trophy, certificate of commendation, an advertising video about the North Korea Film Festival and other elements related to the Film Festival).

The subject of these ten videos is about the individual who makes his body, spirit and mind interact with the external powerful ideology.