Shi Yin

2017. 02. 25 – 2016. 03. 10



One world separates two kinds of artificial creatures, automatic puppets and robots. When an automatic puppet has a secret to nature, a secret to the soul, a question of the two difficult reasoning of the appearance and existence, it is like God: what is there? What’s inside? What’s in the back? Only a person’s imitation can put forward these questions. Human nature as the protagonist of the creation of the whole metaphysics are reflected in the automatic puppet, and it becomes the living dialogue, living ideal imagination, is the perfect copy, but the automatic puppet has not really the soul behind it means that a strange anxiety, a disturbing, a by manipulation, control, it is political manipulation, moral kidnapping. Economy, science, culture, and here you can never see the truth of the event. Like a Russian doll, a layer set with a ring, you thought you saw it all, but most of it is external control, and you are the most inside by the designer, is a puppet or automatic robot, you will always live in an uneasy peace.

In medicine, the body is “dead”; reference to religion, the body is the ideal reference “animal”; on the political economy, the ideal type of the body is “robot”; and the system of political economics symbols, physical model reference is “fashion model” or “performer”. Each system, through its own ideality, shows the delirium illusion of the reductive fantasy that is connected to itself and the strategy of body expansion. Corpses, animals, robots or performers — these are the negative ideal types of the body, which are all kinds of miraculous reduction. Under these reduction, the body produces itself and writes itself in successive systems. The body’s pattern, the body’s agitation, the idol’s body, the fable body and the whole reality are all circuses, circus, drama and movie. It can be a shallow performance, and it can also be a huge social mirror to make it clear to the viewer.