“Hi Art,Hi Tech” Art & Llight Painting : PROWL

Shen Zejian

“Hi Art,Hi Tech” Art & Llight Painting : PROWL


On March 29, 2015, as Between Art Lab, we are very honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with Ms. Shen Zejian and “Zihua.com”, and present a special experiment project of art and lighting techniques for photography. With new technical elements added, a unique visual experience is created, where the visual existence of lighting painting is brought to the discussion of art.

“Hi Art,Hi Tech” : PROWL

“Hi Art,Hi Tech” Art & Llight Painting : PROWL

Apart from various exhibition projects, Between Art Lab also launches the art experiment projects, for example the art project themed “Hi Art, Hi Tech”, as well as other exchange projects. This time’s experiment project featuring art and lighting techniques, is brought by Ms. Shen Zejian, as Between Art Lab’s first experiment cooperation project themed “Hi Art, Hi Tech”.

Shen Zejian, the artist of this experiment activity, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. As a child, she traveled between Beijing and Silicon Valley of California. Now as an artist and illustrator, she will bring us a new form of visual experience by presenting light painting, under the cooperation with “Zihua.com”. Light Painting can be traced back to 1914. During the past century, light painting had not yet broken out of the convention of “Delayed photography with simple illuminants”. It is not until 2013, a crowdfunding project called “Pixelstick” by Kickstatrte that the landscape of light painting was greatly changed.

Pixelstick, is a 6-foot long pixel stick, with 198 colored LED lights. Magic pictures are produced by slowly moving pixel sticks in front of long exposure camera lenses. While today, the artist has taken a step further by combining common light painting with traditional painting. Science&Technology and art, though seemingly irrelevant, now joins together.

Between Art Lab now has the opportunity to build a platform for Shen Zejian and “Zihua.com” and present this art experiment of light painting, thus providing the possibility of new visual form through interdisciplinary art experiment between art and technology. The painting has gone beyond the canvas, with its meaning extended in the form of “light and shadow”. The paintings of jungle by Shen Zejian has depicted a colorful and bright world of forest. The leopard painted by light is a symbol of freedom in cities, and also an integration of painting, light&shadow, and cities.