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Ruin Art Project

When I pass through Changdian which now has become ruins, I can frequently encounter with various hints of past life: cement floor, tiles and scraped walls……like “ancient relics”, they remind us of so many details of their users in the past. I was suddenly inspired that I would adopt that in my creation. The traces indicating my past life with them. Kind of being nostalgic. Though they are not ancient in the dimension of times, at least they have formed a part of the memory. Later, I painted on the ruins pictures of violent fights for rights both in China and foreign countries, engraved the lines with pointed iron pieces, used the most ancient printing technology ——rubbing, and trans-printed them with Chinese art paper. After all these, they look so antique, scrapped and ambiguous. Like rubbed from stone inscriptions thousand years ago. The reality seems has completely vanished. It reminds me of the battles, hunting and fighting on vases of Ancient Greek in the museum. Though similar conflicts have occurred to this land, they have vanished in the ruins. In rapidly developing cities, people forget pasts so quickly. Images that have been going on in reality are rubbed. Maybe helpless in the face of cruel reality, the artistic works depict lost spiritual homelands and “still history” observed from long distance.