Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 Art exhibition in the Uferhallen Berlin Germany
2013 Tianjin Museum Tianjin China
2013 Chinese Contemporary Art Documenta Circle art center Shenzhen China
2013 chinese contemporary art document Groninger Museum Nederlanden
2012 Inward Gazes: Exhibition of Documentaries of Chinese Performance Arts 2012. Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China
2010 Future Vision – the APT global art collection, LI-Space, Beijing
2008 Two Point-2008 Chinese contemporary exhibition, PALAZZO FRISACCO,Tolmezzo, Italy
2008 Intrusion: Art Life 366- Documention, ZenDai MOMA, Shanghai, China
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013 North korea international micro film festival A4 contemporary art center Chengdu city Cina
2012 Trudge – Geography of Utopia Iberian contemporary art center 798 Art area Beijing
2011 Enclosure:Resident project in Asia art Triennial ,Chinese Art Center, Manchester, UK.
2009 The Palace of Puzzles, Huntly, Aberdeen shire, Scotland, UK.
2008 Family Art Gallery, Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, China.

Curatorial Experience:
2012 Speech – The Artiste’s Free Talking. CAFA Museum, Beijing, China.
2010 Cultivating the Future: The contemporary art as a national education.-
Themed exhibition of 2010 Beijing 798 Art Festival: Young Artists Promotion Exhibition.

Family Art Gallery,2010,Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House,Shijiazhuang.
Palace of Puzzle, 2011, Deveron Arts, Huntly, Scotland.



Dafei Deng, free-lancer artist, Master of Art, graduated from Integrated Art Department of China Academy of Fine Arts in 2005

Hai He, lecturer of College of Art and Design of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, PhD of Art, graduated from the Visual Department to Fine Arts College of No. 2 Strasbourg University, France in 2010

The Utopian Group has been initiated by artists Dafei Deng and Hai He in the year of 2008. Series of artistic projects were successfully carried out thereafter, including the one-year session of Family Museum , UK-based the Palace of Puzzle, and organization of 798 Art Festival for sake of artistic cultivation. Utopian Group creation is based on reflection of self living condition mingled with cultural research approaches, in order to give an account of reality out of universal ideal expectation, thus drawing art inspiration with imagination. The two artists, well equipped with sense of experiencing, have been travelling around the world to obtain a deeper investigation of real life. The ideal of utopian is rooted in Utopian Group art creation with varying presentations according to changing times. Utopian Group strives for spiritual enlightenment embodied in art works. In the meanwhile, Utopian Group has been working on publication of related theoretical books.